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jcf 28.06.2021 21:15

I Pin,
- I have checked the ignition wires, they are all between 6,60 kOhms and 10,8 kOhms, depending of the length ;
- The spark plugs gaps were all set to 0,7 and now I increased to 0,9 ;
- Between Pin 4 from the injection wiring and the engine there is a 0,01 ohms resistance ;
- Between Pin 4 from the injection wiring and the engine there is a 0,02 ohms resistance ;
- Between Engine and body there is a 0,02 ohms resistance also (they are two metallic braids between engine and body and gearbox and body).

jcf 02.07.2021 03:00


Сообщение от Pin (Сообщение 9881)
In msg#6 Log is very strange( a lot of spikes of the converter output) and i dont see a table, which was used when this log was making.

I think there culd be issues with a ground or with an ignition system.

Hi Pin, on resetting my injection to the original configuration to go for the MOT, I saw that one of the connections for the lambda sensor heater was loose, and was possibly intermittent, could this explain the phenomenon?

I'm in the process of refurbishing the exhaust, unfortunately some screws broke in the cylinder head (big shit... :p1017:), so I don't know how long I'm going to spend on it to be able to put it back together and continue my injection convertion tests :p0504:

Pin 15.07.2021 13:00

Sorry for delay with answer - i was on vacation out of city, and there was a very bad internet.

As I see on last log , the signal of the MAF input does not changes.
If you press accelarator and MAF's signal is not rising, then something connected wrong or new airflowmeter is not working.

Try to remove airflowmeter from intake, start logging and blow air into it with your mouth and check if the red square( regime point) moves ont he dashboard or not.
If it the red square doesent move - then something wrong with a wiring or airflowmeter is bad.

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