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Duat 12.11.2016 20:13

Would be very interested in getting a similar TPS converter for my E28 535i with an electronic ZF 4HP auto transmission. I believe the same setup is also used in the E24 and E23.

I would suggest that the idle switch for the DME be combined within the TPS converter.

Pin 15.11.2016 22:55

Can you make photo of original TPS?
How it mounts on throttle body?
Also i need to know:
-axis diameter
-reference voltage, min and max output value of original TPS

Firmware is not a problem. The problem is mounting.

Duat 16.11.2016 17:32

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Hi Pin, thanks for the quick response.

Over the next couple of days I will do a photo series for the TPS disassembly, and do some measurements.

Have attached an illustration of the throttle body with the TPS setup.

17 is the TPS, 16 is the actuating arm and 22 is the idle position switch. 22 mounts at the two slotted holes on the mounting plate, on the inside of the plate. The TPS mounts on the outside of the plate. The actuating arm slides onto the throttle shaft on the inside side of the mounting plate and it protrudes through the mounting plate, piloting into the TPS. The two slots on the end of the bore of the actuating arm engage the two teeth in the TPS. The throttle shaft has a machined flat that engages a flat in the bore of the actuating arm. The actuating arm also operates the idle position switch.

The mounting bolt bolt pattern for the TPS is the same as early Ford and GM two-bolt mounting of the TPS.


Vref 5.0V
Vmin 0.7V
Vmax 4.77V

BMW note in their troubleshooting sheets that Vmax must be at least 0.22V below Vref.

Also, Vmax is used to caculate, via the auto trans ECU, wide open throttle position for the DME!

Duat 18.11.2016 18:32

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Attached are the photos from the disassembly of the TPS/idle switch assembly.

Besides the actual TPS's carbon tracks wearing out, another issue is the actuating arm. When you zoom in on the photo of the arm, you can see where it has split and I have repaired it with weatherproof heat shrink.

Once the TPS assembly is removed, it appears that the throttle body casting is likely the same as is used for manual transmissions as it looks like the mounting pylons are spaced about the same as is needed to mount the regular style throttle switch.

Measurements of the mountings and shaft of the throttle body......

Throttle shaft dia is 8mm.

Throttle shaft across the flat section is 6mm.

The throttle shaft extends 18.5mm from the TB housing.

When looking at the end of the throttle shaft, the throttle shaft rotates in a clockwise direction as the throttle is opened.

Spacing between the two mounting pylons is 70mm, this being from center to center of the mounting holes.

Mounting bolts are 4mm

I would like to be able to retain the large round plate as it is the mount for the weathershield boot that covers the TPS assembly. This simply makes it all look tidy.

Pin 19.11.2016 18:51

it seems you will be wondered
Here what we have http://shop.pilotpowersupply.com/pro...totsiklov-bmw/

Didn't translate it to english yet.
It is TPS for BMW motorcycles. And it will fit directly on this throttle body.
But there will be different bushing for magnet.

Iit is same principle as VW tps we made - contactless, 2 tracks output, 1 input for reference voltage, firmware upgrade function :)
And a cover at side of a throttle axis.

Also i can send to you a bluetooth module with it . So together we can make firmware for e28 with auto transmission.

Now i need next info:
1. Idle switch it seems, that when throttle is closed, it shorts some signal to ground.
Am i right ?
Please check voltage on its terminals relative to ground. One of them should be ground( 0v) and other should be 5v or 12v
Let me know values of both voltages when swithch is on and when it is off.

2. Please measure resistance of throttle potentiometer between its gnd and reference voltage terminals.
Output terminal dont need.
before you will make a measurement, disconnect its connector from harness

Duat 20.11.2016 09:34

Hi Pin,

Yes, I saw the BMW motorcycle unit after I posted the original question. Was very impressed, however, I thought it would be much smaller for bike use.

Info for you.

1. Correct, the idle switch switches idle signal to ground when the throttle is returned to idle position.

The idle position sensor signal voltage is 5.0V, which drops to 0V when the switch is closed.

2. The TPS potentiometer is 5.1K ohms.

Info I need for myself.

What OS do I need for your software?

Can comms be done via USB instead of Bluetooth?

Pin 23.11.2016 00:27

Hello Duat
It has the same 70 mm between mounting holes.

For firmware update you can use win xp, win7, vista and win10 should work too.
We have not USB to UART adapters. You can use it if you order one from some internet shop or aliexpress.

But it seems that it will not be necessary update a firmware - i found angle to voltage curves to this throttle body. :)

Now please open idle switch , so on idle signal wire will be 5v.
After that short this wire through 1kOm resistor to ground and measure voltage on it.
Also remove 1kOm resistor and short this wire to ground via 10kOm resistor and measure voltage.
Let me know both voltages.
This will help understand is it possible to emulate idle switch on our contactless tps hardware.

Duat 26.11.2016 15:21

Hi Pin,

Idle signal voltage across 1k ohm to ground 0.398V

Idle signal voltage across 10k ohm to ground 2.266V

Thank you for the info on the OS and comms.

Pin 28.11.2016 09:06

Hi Duat

It seems we can emulate idle switch too :)

Now start and warmup engine to working temperature.
After that short idle signal to ground via 1kOm resistor constantly.
Try to open throttle.
Engine should rev up to 1800-2000rpm, then drop down, then again and again.
Check this, if it works then i'll make firmware, calculate bushing size and it will be ready within week or two :)

Duat 28.11.2016 16:13

Hi Pin,

Yes, that is what it does.

Looks like it cuts fuel injector operation around 1,800 rpm, then restarts fuel injector operation when the rpm drops to 1,400 rpm.

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