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Hi Jim
Thanks for your feeedback.

I have analized your log files and found a lot of noises on all inputs.
Here is it
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Название: Noise.jpg
Просмотров: 522
Размер:	194.6 Кб
ID:	1939

If you zoom in and then will try to move through your log( right mouse button+ dragging to loft or right) you will see a lot of spikes.
This is not good.
The problems causes this spikes could be:
1. Wrong power supply ground point for the converter , airflow meter and WBOS controller.
The better way is to take supply ground for all of this devices from one point which is one of the ECU mounting bolt .

2. Ignition Noises. Please check the highvoltage ignition cables at night for lighting or sparking. If you will see lighting or sparking on the surface of this cables, they need to be replaced with new.
Also check all spark plugs( also a gap between electrodes of each)
If any spark plug has a too big gap between electrodes it may causes misfires and as a result of this the noises which we can see in the log.

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