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Hi Pin, thank you very much for your answer and all my apologises for my answer delay, lots of work these days

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Hello Jean-Christophe

Yes - the oxygen sensor is a mandatory thing for tune the mixture properly.
Without it you will get a very bad results and very big fuel consumption.
You need to connect the oxygen sensor signal to the converter, because inaccurate signal is better then nothing at all.

If your oxygen sensor is a narrow band zirconia type then you can connect it in parallel- it will work fine.
Ok, thanks, I'm waiting the parcel for my new exhaust, I will solder it in a better place this time ;-)

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Accordingly to first scheme your airflowmeter has next pinout:
1- Air temp sensor
2-Signal output
3-reference voltage 5v
Now put one proble of multimeter on engine and with other probe check voltage on all contacts and let us know the result.

if ref voltage trully 5v? then you dont need to connect it to the converter - just set the jumper on the converter to the" motronic" position - in this case the converter will use internal 5V as reference voltage.
I just went to measure, on the wires, debimeter removed, ignition on, multimeter between wire and engine ground :
1- 5V
2- 1 MegaOhm
3- 5V
4- 0 ohms (ground)

=> what surprises me is why are they 2 x 5 V ? The ECU uses the only signal of pin 2 (aggregate of temperature info + mass of air aspired) to decide the mixture to do ?

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It will be better to find the pinout of this siemens in a corresponding audi workshop manuals.
Ok, I'm trying to find that. There's no way to check and find the wiring by testing with a multimeter I guess?

I take note of everything you have told me and keep the work in progress !

Thank you very much for your help,
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