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Hi Pin,
thank you for your answer,
just a quick answer back, since I've made other tests with the MAF 4 days ago but hadn't the time to post here.
I was able to make it work correctly at idle, but impossible to increase the rpm, even with auto setup (I had warmed up the engine with the original setup before).
the log is here :
the tab is here :

I will check (I've changed the setting to the original debimeter since I needed the vanagon this week-end), but I had taken the ground of the ECU on the #4 connector of the wiring.

I've put the IAT sensor in the air filter, but haven't taken the ECT signal.

My lambda sensor is a 4 wire one, I've picked the signal on the same wire I use for my AFM gauge (You told me I could put the 2 together, but maybe I should try without the gauge ?).

I will check the ignition and let you know, but wires and sparks are quite new (all changed last summer, something like 5 000 km ago).

I will check and clean the engine ground also, but think it's ok because when it's faulty, the engine starter fails to start.
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