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To find pinout of VAF we typically remove it's plastic cover and watch directly on a board.
First we see the signal from the flap - you see there a slider and it is not difficult to find on what pin it goes.

Next you will see some wires from IAT sensor - one of them is signal - it goes directly on some pin of the VAF's connector. And other wire is connected in parrallel to some pin which is also connected to the ceramic resistive board - this is a GND( ground).

And the last available pin will be a 5 V reference voltage.

If it possible, please attach a photo of your VAF with removed plastic cover - so we can see a slider and a ceramic board - i'll try to show you on this pic.
Ok, i understand that, so other pins will don't connected?
this is the vaf

and this is the connector, i wrote the resistence from slider to each pin

and the voltage on each pin

in other, on my HFM5 have temp sensor, i'll connect that direct to converter?
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