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По умолчанию Toyota Land Cruiser 1993 80 Series VAF to MAF on 1FE-FZ

My aim with this conversion is to better improve the metering of the air volume going into the engine and to stop the tendency for the VAF unit leaning the AFR at high RPM.
The reason I want to fix this AFR at high RPM is I plan to install a turbo setup. There are many options out there where you can add a piggy back computer and a extra injector. To me this does not solve the problem it just masks the problem. And it poor's more fuel in. I still want the truck to be as economical as possible as they love to suck the gas anyway so no point throwing more in.
I brought 2 of these converters in April 2015. They aren't a huge price tag so another reason I decided to purchase. If it wasn't meant to be it wouldn't be a huge loss.
Its taken me basically up to now (2 weeks ago), to actually get one installed and map it all.
Now speaking English and Pin the manufacture speaking Russian, communication was bound to be a little difficult. But Pin has been absolutely fantastic. I've got strings of emails here backwards and forwards, he converted all the software to English, all the wiring info, and how to actually use the software as I had no idea. I'm still only scrapping the surface of what this software and converter can do.
The below is not how Pin is going to tell you how to do it, but I like to jump the gun and once i'm in doing something i'll carry on until I figure it out even if I don't get the same out come the conventional way.

This is a list of what parts I used for the conversion
Removed VAF P/N:22250-66020
Installed MAF P/N:22250-66050
Toyota connector P/N:90980-11317
Toyota pins P/N:82998-12440
AEM wideband O2

I have had the AEM wideband O2 installed for quite sometime as I wanted to prove to myself that the VAF was causing lean and uncontrolled conditions, so I have a good idea what AFR the engine normally operates at, it is normally on the richer side down low 12-13:1
The MAF I installed was off the latter model 1997 80 series land cruiser when they changed the computer system from OBD1 to OBDII. I went with this meter as I know it is already sized for this engine, it has a THA output (IAT sensor) so no having to sort something else out there. This MAF was a little harder to source but I think it was the right descion. There is the Landtank MAF housing out there and I was keen to go for it but the cost put me off if this wasn't going to work.
The only issue I came across was the VAF has a switch in it for the fuel pump relay. Pin has now sorted me out how to control this now. Will put this information up as I go through this writeup.

I couldn't figure out how to get the software to do an initial map of the old VAF. So I pulled it out and installed the MAF, jumped the 2 fuel relay pins so the fuel pump is always running at the moment.
It took a bit to get started as I had no idea what I was doing, I would crank and the O2 would give me a brief AFR so I would move the graph a bit unit I got it running very lumpy and really rich. I knew the VAF had an output oppersite to the new MAF, so I clicked invert box and then turned on the auto correction. This lets the engine run a lot better. And from here I started to build my mapping table. You can see from the photo's how it developed. this really average looking table was all done with the truck stationary through different RPM's. This table was rubbish on the road though, with flat spots, lean rich, engine stuttering etc. The final table I have made runs the truck perfect now.

I will continue writing this when I get another few moments free.
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