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По умолчанию Fimware upgrade manual

For devices manufactured after 13.06.2016 just use appropriate menu item of the configuration software for firmware updating.

For converters manufactured before 13.06.2016 follow next instructions

To prevent damage of your converter, when updating the firmware, just follow these instructions:

When updating firmware, it may be overwritten!

Prepare the necessary firmware and program the firmware loader(PilotFirmwareUpdateEN.exe).

Device must be securely connected to the COM/USB port of the computer.

1. Power supply for the device

If the converter is installed in the Motronic system or similar, ie, Pilot configurator software can connect to the converter when ignition on and the engine is not running, go to the next step.

If the converter is installed on Jetronic system and Pilot Configurator can connect with it only with the engine running, then you will need to disconnect it from vehicle electrical system and power it from the power supply 9V or some 9V battery.
Alternatively, the converter can be powered by the car battery via a separate wire with a fuse !!!

2. Switch off the power supply of the device

3. Take a small screwdriver with an insulated handle, it is necessary to remove the static charge ! To do this, touch it ground pin of the powersupply of the converter or the vehicle ground.

4. When de-energized the converter closes with screwdriver pins 5 and 6 on the service connector. ( or you can use some wire jumper for this)

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5. When 5 and 6 contacts of the service connector are closed together, switch on the ignition or power supply of the converter.

6.Run PilotFirmwareUpdateEN.exe, choose an appropriate COM-port and firmware file.

7. Firmware should be updated successfully

8. De-energize the converter

9. In the case of Jetronic - restore converter's power supply lines.

10. The converter is ready for operation .

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