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По умолчанию Project - Mazda MX6 V6 - turbo conversion

Here are some details on my MX6 turbo project, on which I will be using the VAF to MAF converter board. The standard MX6 engine is a 2.5L KL-DE, I am fitting a MAF sensor from a Mazda Xedos 9 (Mazda Millenia in the US)

Currently I am in the process of a turbo conversion, using ebay stainless steel manifolds, collector pipe and downpipe, to mount a T3/T4 turbo with an external wastegate and front-mount intercooler. It will be a budget, low boost setup, initially running a 4psi wastegate spring.

I'm planning to use the standard MX6 ECU, with the VAF to MAF converter to set the AFR's at idle and cruise, plus an FMU rising rate fuel pressure regulator to increase fueling under boost. I am using larger Mazda Millenia S injectors plus a wideband o2 sensor for metering.

So far after receiving the converter I have just given it a quick test on the bench, put some volts on and connected via bluetooth with the android app.

I might try it out with some dummy signals on the bench, but I will give it a proper try will some real signals from the car sensors once I have completed the mechanical side of things on the turbo conversion. In the meantime I am going to design an enclosure in Solidworks to mount the PCB, which I will 3D print...
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Wow ! Great Project!
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