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По умолчанию New Pilot Configurator V3_6A

Here is a new Pilot Configurator software for tuning the Pilpot VAF/MAf converters.

This programm is already tested by users of russian part of our forum here , and after tests they told me about some bugs and what to improve in this software. I have made some modifications and removed the bugs and it seems that now it works very good

If you will find some bug or you have any ideas about improving software functionality - fell free to tell about it here

This program works with firmware 2.6, so most of you do not need to update the firmware!

What's New ?

1. All points of the curves( on the charts) you can edit by double-clicking

1- Selecting the curve to which you will apply the double-click
2-Switch on/off the interpolation
3-Here you can edit curves, which represents a conversion characteristics.
On russian we names it a "table chart", because in first versions of this software there was no any charts and conversion characteristics was represented as square table of maf and appropriate output value.
To zoom in press left mouse button+drag cursor to right-down.
To zoom out press left mouse button+drag cursor to left-up.
To navigate press right mouse button + drag cursor to left or right

2.Interpolation( Button "Interpolate" see pic above)
If it will be enabled then the points between two double clicks will be interpolated.
And you dont need to click on each of them to edit the some curve.
This provides faster editing of the curves.

The interpolation is constantly enabled when you edit the table on the log chart, and also when you use an autocorrection on the dashboard between the corrected points.

3. The reference value of the oxygen sensor for the autocorrection is now taken from the corresponding two-dimensional table TPS*RPM.
If you have not connected TPS or RPM input, then just fill whole the table with value by using the corresponding field O2Ref and the button.
When the autocorrection is enabled,,the cell which is used as the reference value will be lighted.
TPS calibration is carried out when the ignition is on and engine is not running.

1. The field and the button to fill all cells of thee table with one value
2.The Table of the reference values of oxygen sensor for autocorrection.
For a whideband oxygen sensord use the AFR * 10 values, i.e. if you need AFR =14.7, fill the reference cells with a value of 147.
For a narrowband oxygen sensors use next formula (255 * Uoxgen_sensor_outpurt_voltage / 5), i.e. the refernce value for 0.5v will be (255*0.5/5)=25.5~26
3.Enable/disable an interpolation of the ends of the curves
4. Selection of the type of the VAF - direct and inverse proportional characteristic.
Old Toyota's and Mazda's VAFs usually has an inverse characteristics
5. Calibration of the throttle position sensor and the minimum and maximum values of it.
This values will be used for the table above. Min = 0% Max=100%

4. On "Autotuning Options" tab you can enable interpolation of the ends of the curves
(see pic. above)
In this case the ends of the curves will be interpolated with the same slope as between a two last trained point.
Also there wil be interpoltaion between 0 and first trained point.

5. To protect some points from aoutocorrection mark them as Trained( green colour).
To do this open the TableChart, select the curve Trained, enable Interpolation and click above the curve points you want to protect in two places.
At the beginning and at the end of the range that you want to protect.
You will see green points, that will tell to autcorrection algorithm that they are already trained.

to be continued

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